Value Recovery


Welcome to Value Recovery, the official web launching portal for the entire family of Value Recovery companies. Here at Value Recovery we are committed to optimizing the value of underperforming assets.

Value Recovery is comprised of 3 Major Business Platforms

  1. Financial Advisory & Program Management (Archetype)
  2. Accounts Receivable Management / Collections (RAB inc.)
  3. Real Estate Development (VRG)

For over 30 years, Value Recovery companies have served as a trusted advisor to government agencies and private industry on diverse, highly visible and challenging projects, portfolios and programs.

  • 15 federal government agencies
  • $100 billion+ in project finance transactions
  • 90+ countries

We possess hands-on experience with public and private organizations working effectively with distressed assets. Our government and private industry clients rely on our extensive experience in finance, program management and project development. Whether we’re involved in energy, transportation, real estate, or infrastructure, we establish the standard. Our client’s mission becomes our mission.

We encourage you to visit these companies and see how we work together as original thinkers, setting the bar, then raising it.

Financial Advisory

& Program Management


Scully Capital​


Accounts Receivable Management

Value Recovery Group

Global Recovery Group

Value Recovery Holding



Real Estate

Central Park of Gahanna


Service Businesses

Fromm Law

The Depot

The Golf Depot

Barry’s Grill & Pub



US Railcar

​Home Office
919 Old Henderson Rd.
Columbus, Ohio  43220
OFFICE: 614.324.5959

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​1730 M Street NW
Washington D.C. 20036
OFFICE: 202.737.0306

Suite 100 W
7130 Goodlett Farms Pkwy.
Memphis, TN 38016
OFFICE: 901.435.4822

San Francisco Bay Area
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