Jordan Fromm – Senior Vice President, Asset Management

Jordan Fromm is the Senior Vice President of Asset Management for Value Recovery Group (“VRG”). Mr. Fromm leads a team that manages a multi-million dollar portfolio of distressed receivables from failed financial institutions pursuant to a public private partnership with the FDIC, and a similar portfolio of distressed receivables for active financial institutions.  In addition to these duties, Mr. Fromm is engaged in the asset management, project management, site development, and disposition of VRG-held real estate, and also acts as a consultant to real estate projects across the region. Early in his career, Mr. Fromm served in VRG’s contract with the GSA, which was responsible for the assessment and disposition of excess Federally-held real estate, was engaged on Federal contracts in Washington DC and with the State of Ohio, and was on planning staff with the City of Dublin, Ohio during the planning, roll-out, and development of the acclaimed Bridge Street District.

The Ohio State University, College of Engineering, M.S. City and Regional Planning 

Indiana University, Bachelors of Science in Public Policy and Management, With Honors
and Distinction