Remembering Barry Fromm – Founder, Chairman and CEO

Barry Fromm – May 27, 1950 – October 25, 2018

Barry Fromm drew from his extensive experience as an entrepreneur, and as Chairman and CEO of Value Recovery Group and its portfolio companies. He had a long-standing history of developing public-private partnerships that align the incentives of both parties to produce high-quality results through a documented history of clear communication and highly responsive action in all agency interactions. He developed partnerships with FDIC, the Resolution Trust Corporation, the Export-Import Bank of the United States and the Ohio Attorney General. His spirit is still a driving force in this company.

Prior to forming Value Recovery Group, Fromm served as corporate counsel for a savings and loan association, and served as a financial institutions management consultant for Deloitte and PricewaterhouseCoopers. He also served as an asset valuation and asset management contractor to the Resolution Trust Corporation, where he managed a $200 million portfolio of non-performing loans and real estate.

He earned a JD from The University of Akron Blake McDowell School of Law, and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Butler University.