Government Practice

Successful Development of Public Programs

We work in collaboration with our government clients and partners to solve tough problems and achieve program and project goals. When agencies are allocated funds legislatively or through budgeting for a new program, planning and program development often require expertise not available in the agency. As program managers, we provide such expertise and guidance with experienced management and staffing, always within programming and contracting requirements. In turn, our clients define matters of outcomes, deadlines and reporting as our guideposts. An insistence for integrity is woven in our work through adherence to compliance. Also key to our business culture is an infused curiosity that seeks better ways to solve complex problems and deliver quality services.

Public Sector – Private Sector Collaboration

Value Recovery Group companies have managed programs and projects both on-site and off-site. We provide the subject matter expertise as well as the experienced management to develop, ramp-up, and operate programs and projects in concert with our government partners. Structure of our participation can vary as we may be a procured vendor or could be a private partner in a Public Private Partnership arrangement. Some examples of how we have assisted our government clients follow:

  • Planning, development and budgeting of new task orders
  • Work flow process development
  • Legislative and regulatory compliance
  • Policy and procedure documentation
  • Providing staffing to meet timing and expertise needs of the program
  • Establish underlying IT systems to support loan programs, other application
  • Connectivity through website and social media development
  • Direct marketing of programs through meetings, seminars, and webinars
  • Report development and ongoing reporting to clients

  • Areas of expertise include: renewable energy, water infrastructure, transportation, rail, real estate, and manufacturing
  • We have represented 18 federal and state agencies
  • More than $100 billion in project finance transactions
  • Proven ability to assemble teams with expertise to deliver key results
  • A multidisciplinary team delivering more value than expected

Past Performance

US Department of Energy

Export/Import Bank of The United States

Ohio Air Quality Development Authority