Asset & Debt Recovery

Value Recovery Group is a highly experienced, trusted, and diligent team of domestic and international professionals who deliver results with discretion, balance, and fairness.


The VRG Difference

  • Managed over $6 billion worth of judgments, deficiencies, and charge offs since inception.
  • Specializing in constructing and servicing collection and loan programs for banking industry, private entities, and local, state, and federal clients.
  • Pursuit of recovery and investigations in the field, both domestically and internationally.
  • Experienced in global litigation management.
  • Licensed private investigators.
  • Best practices offerings to our clients and assistance in improving their own internal processes.
  • Compliance beyond reproach – we have never received a formal, substantiated complaint as a result of our collection practices.

When a recovery is not feasible or easily attainable, what does your institution do with the claim?  In many circumstances, the debt will be archived or sold. Alternatively, entities will infuse further investment towards a recovery effort that will not bear fruit. Spending corporate resources to recover on distressed obligations can distract from developing new business and proves to be unproductive.

Value Recovery Group (VRG) specializes in recovering upon deeply distressed and archived debt, and has achieved substantial recoveries in the last 25 years. VRG represents creditor clients toward financial recovery on commercial claims. We have been engaged by domestic and international governmental clients, corporations, and private lending institutions.

Past Performance

Ohio Attorney General

Export/Import Bank of The United States