About Value Recovery Group

Value Recovery Group (VRG) is a government consulting and asset management and recovery firm with over 25 years of experience, providing receivables management and consulting services for government agencies  and corporate clients with complex and unique needs. VRG’s practice areas encompass Loan Servicing and Asset Management, Collections, and Complementary Financial Management Services, giving our team both breadth and depth in the Real Estate, Accounts Receivable, and Loan Administration / Program Management services that we provide to our clients.

Our Leadership

Barry H. Fromm Founder
Ralph E. Griffith Senior Vice President
David Poe Vice President Real Estate Development
Jeffery J. Sniderman General Counsel
Jordan Fromm Senior Asset Manager
Paul Swails Program Director

Our Vision

Value Recovery Group is a highly experienced team of professionals who seek the diverse, the complex—and its solutions. We are client driven, allowing your entity to focus on new business. We will always exercise discretion, balance, and fairness. And above all else, we will always employ Original Thinking.